Ezekiel Honig
sound + music

Anticipate Recordings: (founded in 2003, more active since 2007)

Anticipate combines elements of electro-acoustics, ambient, slow motion techno and found house with traces of filtered influences ranging from jazz, post rock, classical, dub, musique concrete and minimalism. The emphasis is on using electronics to rework, reassemble and redevelop sound - whether it be instrumental or otherwise - from outside the computer, with the hope of finding the best balance of two worlds - creating something that has roots in our physical realm, but is abstracted in the digital one.


Microcosm Music: (founded in 2004)

Microcosm produces variations on the theme of minimal techno. The aim is to find new ways of working within the constraints of that definition, and focusing on the form of the music as much as the function of the genre. Dance music that is not too concerned with being dance music.


Anticipate Mix #1
compiled and programmed by Ezekiel Honig
Track Listing: (artist - title - album)

1. M. Templeton + aA. Munson - It's OK to Fall - Acre Loss
2. M. Templeton + aA. Munson - Safer - Acre Loss
3. Nicola Ratti - Voluta Musica - From the Desert Came Saltwater
4. Sawako - Purple Sky Coming - Madoromi
5. Ezekiel Honig - Past Tense Kitchen Movement - Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band
6. Nicola Ratti - Coconut - From the Desert Came Saltwater
7. Mark Templeton - Please Take Me - Inland
8. Morgan Packard - Untitled - Moment Again Elsewhere
9. Mark Templeton - From Verse to Verse - Standing on a Hummingbird
10. Klimek - Sound of Confusion - Movies is Magic
11. Klimek - For Marvin Gaye and Russell Jones - Dedications